Logistics Support Services
We provide 3PL and logistics support solutions which are crucial in enhancing supply chain productivity, reducing costs, and improving the overall experience of customers.

Our Shipping Channels

Air Shipping
We cooperate with many international Airplane companies and international air lines . 8 to 15 days air shipping from China to EU/USA, customs clearance service, door to door delivery.
Sea Shipping
Our Forwarder partner works with many international Sea shipping companies. Such as Mearsk,MSC,COSCO,CSC, MOL, ZIM, Evergreen, NYK…etc; 25 to 35 days sea shipping including door to doort delivery from China to EU USA
Railway Shipping
Railway express takes shorter time compared with sea freight while the expense is much cheaper than air freight. 30 to 40 days railway shipping from China to EU, double customs clearance service, door to door delivery.
We cooperate with many international courier companies. Such as DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, EMS..etc. We can arrange sample conslidation, or small batch goods shipping by coureir efficiently and cost -effectively
Special Line Dropshipping
Our fulfillment service allows for shipping products from our warehouses worldwide via more than 18 different shipping options to your customers' addresses, such as ePacket, China Post, EMS,DHL, FedEx, 4PX and YunExpress, etc.
Value Added Service
Our warehouse provides the solution of consolidating goods from multiple suppliers across China. We inspect each item upon arrival at our facility and optimize space by consolidating them into one container, effectively reducing your costs.

Our Advantages

Quick Reply

Our outstanding customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you. They strive to provide satisfactory responses within 12 hours of each inquiry. At SupplyCrest, we prioritize customer satisfaction.

Competitive Price

At Supplycrest, we have a strong partnership with global shipping companies, allowing us to offer competitive shipping rates to our clients. By choosing us as your shipping partner, you can save significantly on your shipping expenses.

Door To Door

Customers who import goods from China may be unfamiliar with the importation process or unaware of door-to-door shipping services. This method can greatly save time and money.

One-Stop Value-Added Services

we offer one-stop value-added services to help customers with all their purchasing needs in China, from warehousing, pick-up, repackaging, inspection, to consolidation of goods. In addition to regular logistics services, we provide complete solutions for all your challenges.

Quick Customs Clearance

We provides comprehensive support for all matters related to export customs declarations. Our team will assist you in gathering all necessary documents and materials required for the declaration process.

Consolidation Packing

Our warehouse can consolidate multiple orders from different suppliers into one larger shipment, reducing overall shipping costs. At SupplyCrest, we provide consolidation packing services to optimize shipping efficiency and reduce expenses for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different modes of transportation available for cargo?

The different modes of transportation for cargo include air, sea, and road transportation. The choice of transportation mode will depend on the destination, cargo type, and required delivery times.

2. How To Check Shipping Rates?

Click “Get A Quote” on SupplyCrest with product details and address, and we’ll provide the latest and best shipping rates from China to EU and USA via air, sea or train.

3. Can You Pick Up Packages From Factory?

Yes, packages from other most locations can be shipped via courier or logistics to our warehouse. Alternatively, provide us with supplier details, and we’ll quote shipping to our warehouse.

4. How does your consolidation solution work?

We offer one-stop China warehousing and consolidation. Just give us supplier details and orders, and our team will arrange pick up and consolidation from multiple suppliers. Suppliers can also choose to deliver goods to our warehouse.

5. How long can you store my inventory for free?

We offer free inventory storage for 2 weeks, but after that, there will be storage charges per cubic meter based on product type and warehouse location

6. How will you charge for your consolidation services?

Consolidation is free if you source through SupplyCrest and choose EJET as your supplier. For our inspection, consolidation, and shipping service with your own supplier, we charge 3-5% of the total invoice for the package.

7.Can I use my own forwarder?

You are welcome to use your own forwarder. The only thing you need to do is give the forwarder’s contact details to us and we will cooperate with your forwarder and arrange the shipment.

8. How can logistics support improve business efficiency?

By implementing effective logistics support strategies, businesses can achieve several benefits. It helps streamline operations, reduce costs associated with transportation and inventory, improve order fulfillment rates, enhance visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. Logistics support also enables businesses to respond quickly to market demands and adapt to changing customer preferences.